About Us

Unstructured designs, unique shapes, and styles that do not consider the latest trends a limit, but instead are free and speak for themselves; these are some of the characteristics of our work.

Our name comes from the Guarani language and means flowing water. It is a culture that respects natural resources, and today is valued as merging nature with the human being. Although Aiguá is an emerging brand, the founders have more than 20 years experience in high quality knitwear design and manufacture.

We focus on each piece individually, paying special attention to what it conveys and to its texture, using the best raw materials at the time of manufacture. We are a design project in constant evolution, adapting to the latest trends, but also facing off with fashion, creating an original and distinctive style that allows us to highlight the essence of our creations.

Aiguá is possible thanks to the dedication and care we provide to each garment. In order to achieve this we concentrate on creating a collection fullyaware of the materials and processes involved, creating a lifelong relationship between the object and its owner through care and precision.

How we do it

Our work is done with the finest, softest raw materials. We dye wool primarily in an artisanal way, using a variety of colors that gives the yarn countless ranges and shades, turning each Aiguá design into something unique, special and easily recognizable the world over.

Instead of seeing a contradiction between machine and craftsmanship, we pursue the maximum expression within each technique. Each individual is a world, our collection tries to interpret and represent it. By controlling the design and colors, the ink is dispersed creating random and original shapes which allow Aiguá designs to be one of a kind.

Besides admiring nature and its resources, we respect it. We try to reduce the environmental impact producedby our manufacturing. Our latest acquisition was a water heating system based on solar panels which we installed in the mill. Using the sun we effectively heat water inside the tanks to be used during the different processes.